Greetings! I am Holly Rutchik and I am a writer, speaker and professional encourager. What in tarnation is a professional encourager?

Encourager isn’t technically a job title. You won’t see it on any career matching tests, but call me if you do; I should get a royalty or at least a free pizza coupon or something.

For me, encouragement is my calling. Written and spoken words are my gift. Life coaching, writing inspiring stories and giving inspirational and motivational speeches are what I do. I might make you laugh (I try), and I tend to make people cry (I try not to).

I contribute to our family of 127 children (okay, 5) buy being me, Holly Rutchik: Professional Encourager, Writer and Speaker, Esquire. Did you know esquire is basically a courtesy title you can give yourself? It fancies people up, so I thought I’d try it out. Maybe I’ll write it on the side of a jet one day. A tour bus is more likely; I could get behind that as long as I am the only person allowed to use the bathroom. A girl has to have some luxuries in life.

In addition to being a writer and encourager I am also a bibliophile, a magazine lover, reality T.V. junkie, encouragement addict, pizza-eater, praying mama and advice giver. You’ll find me watching The Real Housewives and Teen Mom and catching up with celebrity news on Saturday night and in the front pew at Church praying on Sunday. It doesn’t makes sense, but it’s who I am!

Send me an email (hollyATyahooDOTcom) or hit me up on one of the several social media sites I waste time on daily (shh! Don’t tell my family or my dusty to-do list!).

All of Holly’s work on this site is copyrighted and cannot be reprinted without express consent of Holly Rutchik. Don’t steal it, please. You would get in trouble, and I’m pretty nice if you just ask me, so let’s avoid a whole mess because ain’t nobody got time for an extra mess, okay? Thanks ever so much!