Published Clips

  Holly’s essays and articles have been featured in local and national publications and books. Here is a small sampling:

Book Anthologies
“Even as He Gives His Daughter’s Hand,”
A Cup of Comfort for Fathers: Stories that celebrate everything we love about Dad

“Turkey, Shoes and Tights,”
Thanksgiving Tales: True Stories of the Holiday in America

Print Publications/Magazines
Ann Imig wants you to Listen to Your Mother this Mother’s Day
Instead of making brunch reser­vations this Mother’s Day, stay-at-home humorist Ann Imig of Madison wants you to Listen to Your Mother!
(Community Spotlight article, Best Version Media, LLC) – download PDF

Mourning After the Nightmare CCL members reflect on miscarriage
Jonathan and Kristin Smies expected their third pregnancy to be a smooth sail. Been there, done that. But the Teaching Couple from Green Bay, Wis., was devastated by a miscarriage.
(Family Foundations Magazine) – download PDF

Minority Report
Do you ever feel like you’re not normal? If you practice NFP, you’re in the distinct minority – even among your Catholic peers.
(Family Foundations Magazine) – download PDF

No One Understands Me
It was amid the chaos of the bedtime routine here last week that I heard the words every mother of a daughter will here at some point in her parenting journey: “Mama, nobody listens to me, understands me or believes me! Ever!”
(  - continue reading

Budget Woes: Is Vacation a Necessity?
With the start of another year, many are reflecting on personal and familial habits that may need to be re-examined. For families, the top slot on this list is often the family budget.
( – continue reading

I Need a Date
Remember the good old days? You know, back when the stress of dating was due to wondering if a boy would ever ask you out on one? I remember those days. They really did stress me out. But, like most women over the age of motherhood now know; I didn’t know what stress was.
( – continue reading

A Mother’s Fiat – Elizabeth’s Birth Story
It wasn’t the birth experience I was hoping for. In fact, it was downright disappointing.
( – continue reading

Performing Arts Reviews
Show & Tell Review: Clifford The Big Red Dog – LIVE!
Clifford The Big Red Dog – LIVE! opened a storybook onto the stage of the Fox Cities P.A.C. and invited the audience to jump on in.
(Fox Cities Performing Arts Center Official Blog) – continue reading

Show & Tell: RAIN – A Tribute to the Beatles Brings Mop Top Mania to Appleton
Put your dancing shoes on and take a trip down memory lane with RAIN – A Tribute to the Beatles when Beatle mania makes a stop at the Fox Cities P.A.C. in Appleton this weekend.
(Fox Cities Performing Arts Center Official Blog) – continue reading

MUHS’s Nathaniel Gillon honored with new award
“God knows people, no religion.” This was a family saying in the childhood home of Nathaniel Gillon.
(Milwaukee Catholic Herald) – continue reading

Author urges justice in effort to reform immigration laws
Immigration reform is a hot button issue in the political scene of our nation today. With the country divided on what should be done at the U.S.-Mexico border and our economy’s reliance on foreign labor, it’s difficult for people of faith to know where the answers lie.
(The Compass) – continue reading

Couple’s marriage fueled by prayer
When Aaron and Anna Jelleberg met at Irishfest in Oshkosh two years ago, Anna asked Aaron right then and there if he knew about the power of the rosary. The woman, and the prayer she was sharing, changed Aaron’s life.
(The Compass) – continue reading

Holly has spoken and/or taught through the following venues:

The Diocese of Green Bay, WI
Parishes in the Diocese of Lacrosse, WI
Parishes in the Arch-Diocese of Milwaukee, WI
Colleges/Campus Ministry
Elizabeth Ministry International
Mom’s Groups
Book Clubs

Topics Include:
Writing as reflection/prayer
Suffering /healing