Holly writing2

“Holly has a big heart and a quick mind, and her writing reflects both spaces. It’s warm and lively, honest and hopeful. You can feel yourself being stretched by her words, growing in wisdom, in faith and in self knowledge. Spiritual writing is ultimately about connections, and I am always amazed by Holly’s ability to connect. She shares herself in such an authentic way. You identify with the mom-in-progress, the wife-in-progress, the writer-in-progress, the Catholic-in-progress, the woman-in-progress and you want to follow along the wild, wonderful ride.”
- Christina Capecchi, assistant editor, Family Foundations Magazine, award-winning columnist


“I just don’t know what to say! You have gone so above and beyond my expectations this month in the neighborhood magazines! I had no idea you had featured my energy efficient editorial in so many places and I’m blown away…Holly, I cannot tell you how valuable this is for me and my business…I took a chance and am so glad I did…You have gone so far above my expectations by featuring me so heavily.”
– Andrea Hedquist, client

Girlfriends in God 2

“I’d heard Holly would speak to my soul and bring tears to my eyes. I vowed not to cry and I didn’t, I cried twice!”
- Women’s retreat participant